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MaxKraft winches, accessories and attachments

The new MaxKraft products from the winch technology segment are so hot, we call them HELLISH. Here is a brief overview of the product features.


Good quality

MaxKraft winches were enhanced and improved in numerous details. For example, overall quality was significantly improved through the use of reinforced gearing and motors, break-proof remote controls, as well as high-quality steel screws and housing members.
For years we imported winches from the USA. In doing so, we always depended on the products that were supplied to us. After an increasing number of problems with these products, we could no longer identify ourselves with this label and decided to develop our own product.
During this process, we drew on past experience. Specially reinforced motors and gearing ensure outstanding sustainability. Enhanced brake design provides the necessary safety. MaxKraft winches offer the quality and safety you are looking for. Try us out.
We also took numerous details into consideration. This includes a manageable and break-proof remote control as well as the use of high-quality steel screws that do not rust quickly. Since we now develop our own winches, we are constantly working on program expansion and product improvements. Help us develop the BEST product by telling us what you want. Unlike others, we want your opinion - even if it involves criticism.


Good design

The MaxKraft team has also focused on customer requests in terms of design. Every winch is supplied with 3 control box housings in different colours. The orange-coloured cover is the original cover mounted on the magnet box Orange and black are the colours of MaxKraft. However, many customers, particularly those in the off-road vehicle segment, want to customise their vehicles as they see fit. We offer these customers the option of covers in different colours. This is included free of charge in the scope of supply. Each delivery includes an additional black cover and a cover in camouflage colours.
The winches have an extra flat design to also allow installation in the space behind the bumper. We develop assembly kits for many vehicles, making installation particularly easy.
Along with the cables supplied to fit the magnet box either on or next to the winch, we also offer a cable extension set. By using this kit, it is possible to place the magnet box in the engine compartment.


Good packaging

The right selection of packaging for damage-free transport and storage is of equally high importance as the specification of the winches themselves. For this reason, MaxKraft winches are delivered in 2 cartons.
That's nothing special, you say!? Then take a good look at conventional packaging for winches. The winches are almost always packed with the wound-up cable in a single carton - together with all the accessories. In total, that adds up to 35 - 50 kg. That is a weight many cannot handle alone. Anyhow, one should never handle such heavy cartons on a regular basis. Many parcel carriers also do not accept such heavy packages, or they demand considerable surcharges. Even by itself, a winch with wound-up cable already represents a considerable weight. Any mechanic who has ever installed a large winch is familiar with this problem. The cable frequently uncoils during assembly.
The MaxKraft packaging solves all these problems. The winch and cable are supplied in separate cartons and the accessories, such as the cable fairlead, can be selected as required. This simplifies transportation. These packages can be cost-effectively transported by every parcel carrier and all mechanics will be thankful if they can handle a considerably lighter winch without cable.