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It's what's inside that counts - not entirely

Of course, content is also the most important factor for us at MaxKraft and we have worked at length to prepare an optimal product. We have also thought a great deal about the type of packaging. Based on experience, packages of 45 kg or more are difficult to manage and ship. Moreover, a winch with a wound-up cable is very heavy to adjust and install on the vehicle.
We have therefore separated the winch from the accessories and packaged them individually. In addition, the cable is not wound on the drum so that the winch is easy to handle. Everyone who has to carry or install the winch will be thankful!

Playing with colours

We are often asked why all the magnet box covers for the MaxKraft winches come in different colours. Simply put, every customer has individual wishes when it comes to their vehicle.
A hunter would certainly not want to drive through a reserve with an orange cap if his vehicle was painted in olive green camouflage.
On the other hand, orange is well-suited to the stylish off-roader. Of course, black is also provided for every other situation. Along with the high quality of our winches we also offer a little style - as far as that is possible with a winch.